• 11/15/2021



      • Performance improvements
      • Fix memory leaks

    • Version 101

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      • Origami now automatically removes duplicate resources to reduce file size.


      • Locally added Origami systems should now show up properly in the preferences pane.

    • Version 100

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      • Keyboard shortcut to reorder ports in patches with multiple inputs like Loop Builder, Option Picker, Math, and Logic Patches, etc. Use Cmd + [↑ or ↓] or Cmd + Shift + [↑ or ↓] for moving ports up or down. Pressing Shift will move to the top or bottom of the list of ports of the same type.


      • Updated Samsung Devices (S10, S10+, S20 and S20+).
      • Saving close to 20% of space in Origami binary size.
      • Performance improvements.
      • Fixes a crash when deleting main components.

    • Version 99

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      • No longer setting autocomplete value multiple times on selection
      • Various performance improvements in engine
      • Fixed canvas manipulation bug when anchor point was center (or not top-left)
      • JavaScript patch multi-threading fix
      • GPS/Location Services potential bug fixed
      • Patch library loading improvements
      • Layer rasterization improvements
      • Virtual sublayer port syncing fixes
      • Canvas text field improvements and fixes
      • Deleting main component crash fix
      • Never-ending layout fix involving backwards edges

    • Version 98

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      • Layers sizes can now be set to a percentage of their parent size, such as 100% width or 50% height.

      • Swap a layer or a patch for a different one by right clicking and selecting “Replace with”. This is useful for replacing instances with an alternative component.

      • Container Components. Components can now contain sublayers via the “Sublayer Container” layer and write and read from them using its “Virtual Sublayer”. This allows you to create off-the-shelf container components, such as a grid layout component or transition component.


      • Canvas manipulation problem when layers have an anchor point different from top-left.
      • Text attribute merging issues.
      • Improve Resource management (backwards incompatible change)
      • Avoid crash with enum without options.
      • Avoid some random crashes on the renderer when moving layers to different parents inside components.
      • UI bugs on Patch picker. Buttons flickering and buttons showing when they shouldn't.
      • Avoid crash if document component is not found for system.
      • Fix bug where the process of removing a bounded layer port patch and then re-inserting causes the inspector to not update.
      • Added equals exactly to the to comparable replaceable.

    • Version 97

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      • Big performance improvement on data patches.


      • Missing resources does not block file opening.
      • More consistent conversion from JSON type to Number.
      • Improvements in Wireless broadcasters renaming.

    • Version 94

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      • Searching patches now animates the scroll to the patch for better frame of reference of where you are in the patch graph.

      • Alignment options respects comments if a comment is selected in the patch graph.

      • GraphQL, JSON, quick interactions, and component input/output patches are arranged more clearly in the patch graph.

      • Double-click insertion on input ports now pushes over patches to make room, just like for output port double-click insertion.


      • In some rare scenarios, Tidy Up would not run on all patches selected. Update ensures that all patches selected are cleaned up.
      • Fixes dark mode appearance for variable deletion window.
      • When dragging a connection toward the bottom of a patch, an extra port can be created. That port is now removed if it is not connected to.

    • Version 92

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      • Patch autolayout option is now called “Tidy Up” and includes a shortcut (Control+T) for quick usage.

      • Value tracing improved for transition and animation patches.

      • Adds shortcut mappings to the patch context menu items for learnability.


      • Fixes some scenarios from the beta version of “Tidy Up”.
      • Fixes mouse scroll zooming not updating content scale in the patch graph.
      • Clicking on a bound value centers the bound patch instead of the source patch.

    • Version 91

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      • Patch autolayout. (beta)

      • Comments can be resized from any edge/corner..

      • Comments added to selection if selection box intersects header instead of entire comment.

      • Improved performance of patches that work on JSON values.


      • Scroll zooming mapped to command for both canvas and patch graph.
      • Drag over connection insertion gated behind command key.
      • Classic animation patch supports size types.
      • Fixes scrolling problem when taping on other layers.
      • Improve restart patch logic.
      • Fix issue with delayed values on backwards connections.
      • Better handling of missing resources.

    • Version 90

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      • Improved performance in both the engine and the renderer.

      • Improved performance of the math expression patch.


      • Wireless receiver properly resized based on selected broadcaster name.
      • Scroll zooming in patch graph zooms into where the cursor is.
      • Pinch zooming in patch graph fixed.

    • Version 89.1

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      • Added SF Pro to the list of default available fonts.

      • Clicking wireless receiver icon bounces and centers its broadcaster.

      • Middle mouse button panning in canvas and patch graph.

      • Holding command while dragging a connection to a multi-input patch pushes down other connections and values to make room for the inserted connection.

      • Selecting a patch draws it in front of other patches.

      • Drag a single patch over a connection to insert it in between the patches of the old connection.

      • Double-click insertion for ports pushes overlapping patches to the right to make room for the inserted patch.

      • Ungrouping a component selects its ungrouped patches.

      • Clicking on bound values in inspector bounces and centers patch and source patch.


      • Renamed "Canvas & Patch Editor" to "Split View" to prevent toolbar shifting.
      • Adding a binding deselects any currently selected patches.
      • Vector values width fixed in inspector.

    • Version 88

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      • Component patch grouping is smarter about input/output connections.

      • Component Info popover UI updates: inputs are now grouped by category; multiselecting to drag and drop ports, detaching the popover into its own window, and resizing the popover are all supported now.

      • Added millisecond output to the Device Time patch.


      • Scroll zooming behavior fixed for some mouse types while in the patch graph.
      • Various dark mode color fixes.

    • Version 87

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      • Component System Publishing flow: can publish a component system directly inside your document.

      • Dark mode: Origami UI now supports dark mode and defaults to system preference for visual appearance.

      • Add support to Rasterize/Unrasterize layer hierarchies.

      • Improved UX for Tag selection. Tags are now associated to types when creating component ports.

      • New Portal and Portal Mini devices.


      • Comment resizing present in the undo stack and can be undone/redone.
      • Text style patch range fixed.
      • Fix layout for form row dropdown fields in component info popover.
      • Fix undo for patches comment sizing.

    • Version 86

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      • Name splitters based on connected ports.

      • Show layer name for layer outside current container.

      • Better default scale handling for Viewer.

      • Updated aliases for a few patches.

      • Better Dimension/Spacing conversion

      • Allow Components to have examples.


      • Fixing pulse and boolean patch checkbox offset.
      • Fix component creation help URL.

    • Version 85

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      • Apple M1 support.

      • Comparison view for upgrading individual components.

      • Show cleaner version number in Studio.


    • Version 84

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      • Individual Component upgrades.

      • Builtin patches upgrade automatically now.

      • Improve default window size for ultrawide monitors.

      • Viewer now will warn you when running prototypes in low battery mode.


      • Improved preview generation on components with embedded resources.

    • Version 83

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      • Added Window Menu shortcuts for Welcome Window sections, such as Examples and Tutorials.

      • Added support for static preview images in patch documentation.

      • Components upgrade flow is non-blocking on document open and can be accessed through layer list and patch picker.


      • The currently opened file in iOS Viewer is automatically closed when opening a new file so users don’t need to manually close a file in order to open a new one.
      • Make sure Viewer doesn’t start in fullscreen on new documents.
      • Updated When Prototype Starts patch to also fire when newly inserted.

    • Version 82

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      • New combined picker for patches and layers.

      • Copy to Figma plugin now include Auto Layout information.

      • New Featured Templates section in the Welcome Window, with general updates to the templates.

      • Support of Auto Sizing on Video Stream Layer.


      • Fullscreen mode doesn't crash when creating a new document.
      • Patches and layers don't get inserted into the wrong window in fullscreen mode.
      • Fix aspect ratio on camera "freeze".
      • Improved tap detection on layers.

    • Version 80

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      • Origami gets a new look for macOS Big Sur

      • Improve cables value popover display no longer requiring double click.

      • Progress indicator added to welcome window.

      • Support to the new Apple’s M1 processor.

      • Add Mouse Scrolling support to Mouse patch.

      • Loops of Loops.

      • Added Home, Acceleration and rotation ports support to the Game Controller patch.

      • Layout and Text properties on the Inspector now use Segmented controls instead of dropdown selectors.


      • Fix a problem when copy/pasting fails when copying from a file with missing resources.
      • Fix color for selected patches cables.
      • Fix to a bug where value inspector names were not corresponding to patch name on file open.
      • Value inspector can be opened after being clicked but not detached.
      • Fix issue with components not updating when default values change on inputs.
      • Fix Segmented Controls appearance on the Inspector.
      • Fix layer selection showing a wrong color when clicking patch graph.
      • Fix Value Popover's disappear from Patch Editor on Big Sur.
      • Fix issue where a loop isn’t getting properly passed down (several) layers of components. Layers were not updating on reset.
      • Get canvas video snapshot from the 20% instead of 10% to avoid displaying black frames.
      • Fix haptic feedback with audio context on iOS 13+.
      • Prevent crash sometimes happens when reopening patch picker.
      • Fix crash some users were experiencing when closing the value inspector popover.
      • Fix Camera Content Mode that was making image to appear stretched.
      • Prevent crash happening when quitting the iOS app when mirroring from Studio.
      • Allow to use the Camera + Haptics (only iOS 13+)
      • Fix color picker resetting hue slider
      • Improve Eyedropper performance and Visuals

    • Version 78

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      • Preserve wireless receivers when copy/paste

      • Allow to use Haptics and ViewFinder together (only iOS 13+)

      • Allow to drag and drop files from Origami to Finder.

      • Add preference to avoid playing media on Canvas.

      • Allow JSON as an input for Text Attributes.

      • Much improved screen recording performance.


      • Fix device motion problems on device.
      • Fix crash on debug popover when inspecting size types
      • Fix issue with looped components not updating outputs
      • Fix crash when categories mismatch in Components
      • Fix crash after disconnect when mirroring
      • Fix crashes with loop inspector and popovers
      • Fix color picker resetting hue slider
      • Improve Eyedropper performance and Visuals
      • Fix cursor disappearing when resizing Viewer
      • Fix sporadic crash when loading the patch library
      • Improvements in Paste from Figma
      • Fix Viewer Dark Appearance reset after restart
      • Warning message when attempting to add Layers to patch only components.
      • Fix issues with port count Tooltip

    • Version 76

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      • New Toolbar enabled by default

      • Loading Output on Image Layer

      • Allow the use of virtual cameras in Studio.

      • Rename Duplicated Layers

      • Improvements on screen recording performance.

      • Ability to edit search keywords on Components


      • One click now selects artboards
      • Allow old compositions with cycles in components to be open
      • Prevent Crash when attempting to edit an AUTO text field
      • Fix haptic playback
      • Fix issue with device motion not updating on device
      • Fix camera crash on viewer when using camera on older devices
      • Fix random select/deselect components on System Maker
      • Bring back the ability to edit components inputs from the Instances
      • Fix issue with components sometimes showing red properties
      • Fix Export with device scale from the layer list
      • Avoid filtering document components by platform
      • Alpha color picker normalized to 0-100
      • Fix bindings not dimmed when a layer is disabled
      • Fix inconsistency on Inspector when a port has the same name and tag
      • Fix crash when attempting to update an Auto field
      • Fix loading output on Encode/Decode Patch
      • Fix crash on setting Italics while text editing
      • Fixed several memory leaks

    • Version 74

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      • 🌟 Patch Output Popovers

      • New Interaction Handlers in Canvas

      • Much Improved Patch Picker Documentation

      • 🌟 New Welcome Window with

        • Patterns
        • Examples
        • Tutorials
      • Right click support on Mouse Patch


      • Improved sensibility on CMD+Scroll to zoom on Trackpad like inputs.
      • Viewer Defaults to device size to avoid scaling issues.

    • Version 73

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      • 🌟 Dual Camera support on both iOS and macOS

      • More Improvements on prototype recording

      • Improved component cleanup

      • Better heuristics on Smart Layout


      • Fix landscape orientation issues.
      • Fix issues on Text Length and Substring patches with Emojis
      • Fix crash with audio player

    • Version 72

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      • New Cursor Patch

      • Improved performance and fidelity on prototype recording.

      • Upgraded Game Controller Patch.

      • CMD+Scroll to Zoom in Canvas.

      • New Custom AHAP https://developer.apple.com/documentation/corehaptics/representing_haptic_patterns_in_ahap_files?language=objc File Support for Haptics Patch

      • Better Artboard positioning when pasting from Sketch or Figma

      • 🌟 New Color Picker, can be enabled in the Experiments tab preferences.

      • Classic Animation and Pop Animation now support different data types like Position.

      • Device Info patch now exposes dark mode.

      • 🌟 Encode/Decode Patches to convert to and from base64.

      • Added current time and duration to the Sound Player patch.

      • Updates to Main Component.

      • Change sets being used on Visual Layout, for a big perf win.

      • Prevent closing JSON Popover when interacting with Viewer.


      • Various fixes on unlinking.
      • Fix potential crash with leaving open a document for a long time.
      • Fix issues with permission access on the Photo Library.
      • Fix crash merging empty text attributes.
      • Added Position to type variants.
      • Scrubbing problems with Async Videos.
      • Fix incorrect handles in Canvas.
      • iOS Screens updated to prevent blocking touches for too long during transitions.
      • Uses previous loop count when layers are not rendered.
      • Text Input is now cleared on reset.
      • Option Equals better type casting.
      • Ability to export as image layers outside artboards.
      • Fixed issue with non-looping Keyframes layers showing first frame instead of last when finished.
      • Fixed issue where image detectors would retain information from previous frame when prototype reset.
      • Crashing on High Sierra for the touch menu.
      • Issue with copy paste missing component dependencies.
      • Text Input not cleared on reset.
      • Paste being reversed.
      • Loop observation.
      • Map crashes with large span.