Convert Position

Convert Position

Use this to align layers that have different parent layers. This can be helpful to align overlays with content in scrollviews, for example.

If you want to have layer B follow layer A, add layer A as the “From parent” and use the position 0,0. Then put the parent of layer B into To Parent. Connect the output of this patch to layer B.

Convert Position

  • From Parent
  • Anchor
  • To Parent
  • To Anchor
  • Error

From Parent

The layer you would like to get the position of.


Optionally, pass in a position within the layer parent layer. 0,0 works well.


Use this to determine whether you are converting the top left, middle, bottom right, etc

To Parent

The parent layer you would like to get your converted position in context of

To Anchor

The converted position will use this anchor relative to the parent.


The converted X / Y position. (Use a Point Unpack patch to get each individual coordinate value)


A boolean if there was an error getting the converted position coordinates. Typically this is caused by one of the layers being disabled.