Text Style

Text Style

Set the style of a specific range of characters on a text layer.

Use Text Style Builder to combine with multiple Text Style patches.

Text Style

  • Range Start
  • Range Length
  • Font Name
  • Font Size
  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Stroke Color
  • Stroke Width
  • Character Spacing
  • Decoration
  • Transform
  • Style

Range Start

The index of the character position where the text style will start.

Range Length

The number of characters where the text style will be applied to.

Font Name

The font your text will be displayed in.

Font Size

The size in points of the text.

Text Color

The color of the text.

Background Color

The background color of the text.

Stroke Color

The color of the stroke.

Stroke Width

The width of the stroke.

Character Spacing

A number that represents the horizontal space between characters, in points.


The type of decorative lines, underline or strikethrough, used on the text.


The type of transform to control the capitalization of the text.


The formatted text range to pass to the Style Override input on a Text Layer.