Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Retrieve album information from Camera Roll on iOS or Photo Library on macOS

Photo Albums

  • Sort By
  • Order
  • Index
  • Title
  • Cover Image
  • Count
  • Error

Sort By

The criteria by which the Albums output is going to be sorted. The options are:

  1. Name.
  2. Count.
  3. Start Date. (This is based on the starting date of its contents, it is not the creation date of the Album)
  4. End Date.

Works together with Sort By to determine if the list should be in Ascending or Descending order.


A loop of photo media indices.


A loop of Texts with the titles of each album.

Cover Image

A loop of Images with the first photo of each album.


A loop of Numbers with the estimated count of assets of each Album.


A boolean if there is an error retrieving photo albums. Usually due to permission issues.