Network Request

Network Request

Request text, JSON, images, videos, or sounds over HTTP or HTTPS using either a GET or POST requests.

Right-click to change the type (text, JSON, image, video, or sound) of the request.

Resources can be uploaded to endpoints that expect them as multipart/form-data by setting the Method to POST, the Content Type to multipart/form-data, and including a reference to them in the Body JSON.

Network Request

  • URL
  • URL Parameters
  • Body
  • Headers
  • Method
  • Content Type
  • Disable Timeout
  • Request
  • Loading
  • Result
  • Error
  • Error


An HTTP or HTTPS URL string to query. Origami Live for iOS only supports HTTPS URL’s.

URL Parameters

A JSON object for any parameters to include with the request.


A JSON object for the body to include with the request. If the Method is POST and the Content Type is Auto or multipart/form-data, you can upload resources referenced inside the JSON.


A JSON object for the headers to include with the request.


The method for requesting the response, GET or POST.

Content Type

The content type to use for the request, Auto, application/json, or multipart/form-data. Auto will choose one of the others based on the Method and whether there are resources references in the Body JSON.

Disable Timeout

A boolean that disables the default 60 second timeout for the request.


A pulse that initiates the request.


A boolean that is true while the response is loading.


The response result – image, JSON, or text – depending on the patch type.


A boolean that is true if the response has an error.


The JSON response error if an error occurs during the request.