Text Field

Text Field

An iOS text field that uses the iPhone or iPad native keyboard when running on device.

When no device is connected, use the Fake Keyboard.

Use the Touch button on the component to get information about the text and editing status.

Text Field

  • Enable
  • Position
  • Anchor
  • Size
  • Opacity
  • Scale
  • Text
  • Begin Editing
  • End Editing
  • Tint Color
  • Color
  • Font Name
  • Font Size
  • Set Text
  • Placeholder
  • Show Clear Button
  • Keyboard Type
  • Placeholder Color
  • Secure Text Entry
  • Text Alignment
  • Editing
  • Text
  • Enter Pressed


A boolean that is true when the text field is displayed.


The position to display the text field.


The anchor point to position the text field relative to. See Coordinates for more information.


The size of the text field.


The opacity of the text field.


The scale of the text field.


A text string to change the text field to. Use Set Text to change the text.

Begin Editing

A pulse that focuses the text field and shows the keyboard if on an iPhone or iPad.

End Editing

A pulse that unfocuses the text field and hides the keyboard if on an iPhone or iPad.

Tint Color

The color of the cursor.


The color of the text.

Font Name

The font name of the text.

Font Size

The font size of the text.

Set Text

A pulse that changes the text using the Text input.


The placeholder text when no text is entered in the field.

Show Clear Button

The behavior of displaying the clear button: always, unless editing, while editing, none

Keyboard Type

The type of keyboard to use on an iPhone or iPad.

Placeholder Color

The color of the placeholder text.

Secure Text Entry

A boolean that represents whether the text should be obfuscated, useful for password fields.

Text Alignment

The alignment of typed text in the text field: left, center, right.


A boolean that is true when the text field is focused.


The current text string in the text field.

Enter Pressed

A pulse that represents when the return key is pressed.