Value at Path

Value at Path

Get a value from a JSON object at a specified path. A path is a text value in dot notation that contains:

  • Number(s) to select a value at an array index. For example, “books.0” will select the first book in an array of books.
  • Text string(s) to select a value for a key. For example, “books.0.title” will select the title of the first in array of books.
  • Asterisk(s) (*) to select an array of child values. For example, “books.*.title” will select an array of titles of all books.

Starting the path with two dots will get a recursive search for the following values, for example “..title” will get all the values for the key “title”, no matter how deep in the JSON object they are.

Value at Path

  • Object
  • Path
  • Value


The JSON object or array to get the value from.


A text string of the path in dot notation.


The value at the path.